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Natural gas audit

Stress test your natural gas purchasing strategy against actual market data.

We help commercial and industrial users of natural gas find vulnerabilities in their natural gas purchasing processes. Many times large natural gas users lack a buying strategy that is centered on relevant market data. Purchase times are often based on current contract expiration dates, or when Henry Hub (NYMEX) front-month prices are trading low. This leaves them vulnerable to volatile market swings and inaccurate price signals. Our natural gas price audit will stress test purchase history and reveal missed market opportunities that result in lower natural gas prices.


Allowing your contract term to dictate when you take action subjects you to a vast amount of risk and market exposure. Furthermore, the front-month Henry Hub prices only represent the current spot price for natural gas delivered in Louisiana. If you are located in another part of the country or would like to fix your rate for more than one month, this market data does not apply to you.


We have a proprietary system for interpreting and viewing natural gas forward market data at 73 delivery locations throughout the U.S. Our system models ten years of forward data daily, and allows us to pinpoint buying opportunities for our customers at their specific delivery locations. Our tool gives our customers a scientific strategy for planning natural gas purchases based on empirical data.


We are not claiming to successfully call the lows of the market. Rather, our audit will prove the pricing opportunities you might have missed by uncovering when futures prices were trading at or below your current costs.

The chart below is a screenshot of our system working for a customer who was under contract until April 2024. You will notice that we were able to identify when future prices at this customer’s specific location were trading close to or below their current price. This allowed the customer to proactively purchase natural gas before the expiration of their current contract based on real-time market data.


How To Get Started

For a free natural gas price audit, please complete the following form and our team will contact you when the results of your audit are available. Please include information on your last three natural gas supply contracts.

  • Contract (1) Sign Date: Signature date of your most former natural gas supply contract, up to 10 years historically. (e.g. 2/15/2014)
  • Contract (2) Sign Date: Signature date of your next most former natural gas supply contract, up to 10 years historically. (e.g. 12/22/2016)
  • Contract (3) Sign Date: Signature date of your most recent natural gas supply contract, up to 10 years historically. (e.g. 06/05/2021)
  • Contract Start and End:  Please also include the start date and end date of each corresponding contract

The audit process typically takes 2-3 business days to complete. 

Need Help?

Whether you need help completing the form or you have questions and would like to speak to us, we are available to assist you. Please click below to contact our team of natural gas market experts today.