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Sam Puleo


Sam Puleo is the founder and CEO of Puleo Energy with over a decade of experience in the energy markets. Prior to founding Puleo Energy, Sam was at the helm of energy deregulation in the United States, starting his first enterprise when Pennsylvania utilities lifted rate caps in 2010. Sam specializes in managing energy prices and risk for Puleo Energy’s customers with an emphasis on natural gas and the PJM electricity market. As the CEO of Puleo Energy, Sam is also responsible for the creation and development of the company’s proprietary systems for monitoring energy futures and forward market data to better serve the company’s customers. Sam grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and attended St. Joseph’s Preparatory High School in Philadelphia. He is married with two children, and in his spare time, Sam enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf.

Anita Puleo

Business Development

Anita Puleo is Sam’s wife and in charge of business development for the company. Anita is of Albanian decent and was born and raised in Europe before coming to live in the United States. Anita services many small business customers through Eastern Pennsylvania, particularly in the hospitality sector. As a native Albanian, Anita speaks four languages: English, Albanian, Italian, and Spanish. Because of her diverse background, Anita is easily able to communicate and serve Puleo Energy’s diverse mix of small business customers. Anita and Sam live in the Philadelphia suburbs and have two children together.