Puleo Energy is a boutique energy firm specialized in smart energy investing and frugal financial planning to put our clients in prime position to achieve their energy and sustainability goals. We aid our clients in various energy initiatives from commodity purchasing to ESG consulting to renewable project management. Our team has over a decade of energy experience and is positioned to help your firm achieve its energy goals.


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As the world changes and renewable energy resources become less expensive and more in demand, we are positioned to help your organization explore its renewable options. Having started as a retail energy commodities brokerage firm, we have many years of experience studying the electricity and natural gas markets, understanding how energy is consumed in commercial buildings, and most importantly, how to responsibly manage energy costs. If you are looking for new ways to reduce energy costs at your business or become more sustainable, we can help you develop an action plan based on data.


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We have been using Sam of Puleo Energy for the last several years. Sam’s aggressive tracking of the energy market and recommendations have resulted in substantial energy cost savings for our hotel. I highly recommended Puleo Energy to my peers in the Hospitality and Food Service sectors.

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Energy can be complex and confusing. In addition to delivery exceptional energy services, we pride ourselves on educating our clients thoroughly so they can make educated decisions. Here are some common questions we hear…

It depends. In some markets installing solar arrays at your business could be costly and not financially prudent. In other markets, solar makes much more financial sense due to local utility rate comparison costs or state incentives.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. ESG is a new metric to help investors identify socially-responsible companies who have environmental and social initiatives in place. We aid our clients in improving their environmental impact to increase ESG scores.

There are only two ways to reduce your total energy costs at your business: (1) pay less for each unit of energy consumed; and (2) consume less energy units. Electricity is often measured in kWh (kiloWatt hours) and natural gas is often measured in dth (dekatherms). The simplest way to cut energy costs if you are located in a free-trading, deregulated state is by purchasing your energy supply at a cheaper price per kWh or dth from a competitive energy supplier.

There are many ways to reduce energy consumption at your facility depending on how you consume energy. Simple solutions such as smart thermostats that auto-adjust HVAC units based on room occupancy and LED lighting are great ways to drastically reduce your energy consumption.

We pride ourselves on being a full-service energy consulting firm. We aid our clients in purchasing electricity and natural gas supply, installing solar panels, become more environmentally friendly, reducing energy consumption, and reducing utility bill errors.


It is our mission to aid our clients in reducing energy costs and achieving their sustainability goals through our energy expertise. Here are some of the energy services we offer our commercial and industrial clients.


We are a licensed broker of electricity and natural gas and aid our commercial clients in negotiating the purchase electricity & gas.

ESG Consulting

We consult our corporate clients on achieving better ESG scores through the implementation of environmentally-friendly solutions.

Solar Energy

We offer construction and project management services to our commercial and industrial clients who are interested in solar energy.


We offer utility bill auditing services to identify errors and overbillings for our clients. Many audits result in savings and bill refunds.


We have the market knowledge and data to offer insights into U.S. electricity and natural gas wholesale and retail financial markets.

Executive Search

We offer professional recruiting and placement services for high-level energy sector jobs, such as traders, schedulers, and executives.