We are a licensed energy broker/marketer company who negotiates the purchase of electricity and natural gas on behalf of our commercial and industrial customers. With over a decade of experience in the deregulated U.S. energy markets, we have the knowledge to properly structure energy supply based on usage patterns to ensure the lowest-cost energy for our clients. Our goal is to become the most trusted energy company in the country, and we plan on accomplishing our goal by doing these three things very well:


1. Educating our customers so they can make informed decisions.

2. Being brutally honest in all things that we do.

3. Putting our customers’ interests before our own.


In an effort to remain brutally transparent, please read about our company’s history by clicking on the button below…


Sam Puleo, Owner


Buying electricity and natural gas supply for your business can be complex and frustrating. With many new options and companies as a result of energy deregulation, knowing if you are getting a good deal is challenging. Our mission is to make the process of buying energy simple & transparent. With over a decade of experience in the deregulated energy markets, we educate our customers on how natural gas and electricity rates are calculated and the driving market forces, so they can make educated decisions. Our transparent fees allow for healthy, long-term relationships with our customers. 

Immediate Response

No more having to wait days for a response back when you need a quick answer about your electric or gas bill. We pride ourselves in our quick responsiveness and our 7-day per week customer service.

Customer Education

Energy markets are complex and many times consumers are taken advantage of due to this complexity. We simplify things into easy-to-understand concepts so you can make informed decisions.

Exceptional Service

Unlike many energy companies who sell you a rate and forget about you, we believe in exceptional service after the sale. We will manage your accounts and be available for any utility-related issues.

Broker Fee Transparency

Unlike many of our competitors who are looking to conceal large commissions built-in to your energy rate, we disclose our fees. When you deal with us, you will know what you are paying for and how much.

Market Concierge

We offer a dedicated market-concierge who will continually watch the market to look for dips in the future price of energy that allow you to lock in lower rates for your next contract. Our goal is to continue to save you money.

Utility Rate Benchmarking

Many consumers are unknowingly paying more than the utility standard supply rate offer. As part of our service, we will continually benchmark our rates to the local utility price to ensure true savings.